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How To Get Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Carpal tunnel syndrome as well as painkillers goes hand in hand. This is because for most of the people having this syndrome, painkillers fail to relieve them of their discomfort. However if your carpal tunnel syndrome does not get affected by the intake of painkillers then it is good that you consider a surgery. If the pain becomes significant and doesn’t get rid by injections either, then surgery must be expedited immediately. You must never take narcotics for carpal tunnel pain relief for more than two weeks as it becomes a habit. For such people to get carpal tunnel pain relief, carpal tunnel surgery is essential.

How to get Carpal Tunnel pain relief

The following are some of the ways to get carpal tunnel pain relief


In acupuncture a thin needle is inserted into particular points on your body. Acupuncture releases the blocks that CTS causes and also improves energy flow along the meridians which are the pathway for energy.

A medical explanation is that this procedure of acupuncture releases into your body natural pain relieving chemicals that increases circulation in the body and helps in balancing the nervous system.

For getting carpal tunnel relief, acupuncture points are made on wrists, arms, thumbs and also hands along with other body parts like upper back, legs, neck etc. The number of times for the sessions depends on the intensity of your pain.


Acupressure is the same like acupuncture as both comprise of the same kind of principles. Instead of putting needles onto the acupuncture points only pressure has to be applied. This is in stimulating blood flow to various parts of the hands such as the wrists to ease off numbness as well as swelling which is there in that area.

Acupressure points for carpal tunnel pain relief are basically on your wrists, arms as well as hands.

Vitamin B6

A lot of studies in research have claimed that vitamin B6 deficiency is associated with the carpal tunnel syndrome.

A regular intake of vitamin B6 for carpal tunnel relief is 50 mg thrice a day. The side effects can be excess urination. Improvement for carpal tunnel relief can take up to a month’s time. Do not take above 20 one day unless prescribed by the doctor.

Herbal Medicine, Vitamins, and Supplements

  • Supplements of enzymes like bromelain and combination products of enzyme can help in reducing swelling of tissues that are connected with carpal tunnel syndrome. A lot of weeks may be needed to notice effective results. Pineapple contains a lot of bromelain.
  • Arnica ointment helps in significantly reducing pain in 2 weeks. It is very good to get carpal tunnel relief.
  • Vitamin B12 also helps in completely relieving the pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yoga For Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Yoga also helps in reducing symptoms of the carpal tunnel syndrome. A study has proved that people who did yoga postures 2 times a week for almost 2 months had a massive improvement in strength and reduction in pain in comparison to people who uses wrist splints.

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